Permanent Advertisement
The national advert featured on all our hospital sites will run on a 60 second loop and be displayed permantly for the duration of the campaign. Included with this purchase is a 30 second advertisement featured on the programme. This will be played every 20 minutes.

Main Features & Benefits
• Located in a trusted host providers establishment
• Multi-zone screen delivering a variety of information to the viewer
• Entertaining, informative and educational program shown on the screen
• One of the zones can be used as a ‘call’ system so requiring constant monitoring by the viewer
• Plays 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, to an ever changing audience
• Displays to chaperones, friends and family members as well as waiting patients on NHS sites
• Over 1 million NHS staff, including KOL’s such as consultants, surgeons, procurements and much more
• Seen eight times per visit, on average, in NHS facilities
• Able to update commercial 4 times per year as part of a standard package. More changes are available on request
• Displayed to a relevant and potentially captive audience
• Advert part of a must-watch program provided by the host location

If you are interested in featuring your business on the permanent advert with a free 30 second programme advert please submit your details below. Our National Sales Manager will then be in touch to discuss further.

This tender opportunity finishes at Midnight on July 31st 2014. Please ensure your details are submitted by July 24th 2014.